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July 31, 2009

July Recap

July was a wonderful busy month, that began with a 2 week trip to New Orleans!

Chloe met the lady who helped her mom and dad make a family for her. It was love at first sight for them both!love
The rest of the visit was filled with Grandma time 100_1969
Family time family
Godmother time Dante' Cathy
Auntie time 100_1851
Aquarium visit aquarium
Paying respect honor brick
Old friends 100_1953
New friends 100_1948
Old friends being old ladies with their glasses and coffee cups! old ladies

The rest of the visit was about healing, both emotional and physical. Plus, we saw Ringling Brothers Circus, ate stuffed snowballs, had drive thru daiquiris and saw many of the places in Benny's childhood memories. Sarah and I found a cool knitting shop on Dauphine. The adult kids went to the French Quarter to partake in the festivities one can only find on Bourbon Street. They also found themselves in a Gulf Coast Casino where Justin proudly came home with $40.00 after only loosing $30.00 or something like that!

On the way home we visited with more old friends in Alabama Chance

Then on the 23rd Benny and I Celebrated 15 years of Marital Bliss!


Here's to many, many more!

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