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January 27, 2009


Kaity learned to stay up on the snow board today!


Now I remember why we moved here! We all love snow! There's supposed to be even more tonight!

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Happy Winter!


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January 21, 2009

First FO of 2009

Little Boy Blue Ribbed Baby Hat
My cousin Karen will have her first grandchild in couple of months. Since learning to knit, I decided new additions to our family deserve better than those ugly stretchy striped things they put on newborns in the hospital.

This pattern was a quick knit I found on Ravelry. I knit it from supersoft Rowan RYC Cashsoft Baby DK.

I hope the Mom and Dad like it!

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January 10, 2009

Mr. President

One of Khi's plans for his life is to be the President of the United States. Since we're fortunate enough to be able to educate our children through interest led learning, Khi knows as many presidential facts as most historians. He's currently studying the Presidents and their First Ladies.

Through an eye exam a couple of weeks ago, we found out that Khi has Convergence Insufficiency, like Justin. Today he got his first pair of glasses. He thinks they make him look a bit like Theodore Roosevelt. Jonathan says if he does become President, one day this picture will be historic!


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January 01, 2009

Happy New Year Dawlin'

Camera 067

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