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November 28, 2008


Thanksgiving found us surrounded by the love of family and friends. The food was delicious and abundant. Laughter filled the air.

Here we are with two of our four most gracious hosts.


During this time of change here in Doulaland, I can't imagine a more perfect day! May all of your days be filled with Blessings!

Posted by Angi at 12:08 AM

November 15, 2008

Birthday Blessings

Last week was Birthday week at our house.

Jonathan turned 23 on the 7th. Khi turned 11 on the 8th. And Kaity was 13 on the 13th!
Camera 03712.03.08 059Kait 'n BoPeep

Jonathan continues to be the Coolest Brother ever (As evidenced by the way only he could carry off the Wearing his 2 year old niece's sunglasses look!). Since Benny's lay off made the checkbook a bit lean, he made amazing birthdays for his siblings.

For Khi's day, Jonathan took him to his apartment. They had friends and Justin over for pizza, movies, and Root Beer in glass bottles. Khi covered up the word "Root" and played drunk. Apparently he had everyone laughing! After the festivities, the guests left and Khi got to stay all night at Jonathan's. Khi proclaimed it his BEST Birthday EVER!

Kaity got a 13 year old girl's dream. Jonathan arranged for her to have a 3 hour private horse riding lesson. Turns out, she's a natural. When Benny gets back to work we want to start taking her regularly for classes.

I am so proud of all three of you. You bless me every day and I love you.

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November 09, 2008

Sarah's Snarky Guide to Voting

Portsmouth, Ohio is by no means a haven for intellectuals. Don't believe me? Venture out on Election Day. Don't get me wrong, it makes me glad to see the masses voting, but some of the people I encountered Tuesday seriously made me want to bash my head in with a frying pan.

Stupidity is running rampant in Ohio (and elsewhere I'm sure). People just don't know how to act in public, especially when voting. So to remedy the situation, I've decided to write "Sarah's Snarky Guide to Voting". Yes, it may be rude and bitchy, but some people just don't respond to subtle hints and niceties...sometimes you just have to tell it like it is.

Voting is your civil duty as a citizen. To help you accomplish this, please keep in mind these few simple rules.

Rule #1: Dress Appropriately
Clean, let me repeat that, CLEAN clothes, are a must when going out in public. And please wear pants, shoes, and a shirt all at the same time. It's a lot to put on for some people, but it's the polite thing to do.
Here are some examples of people who dressed badly for voting: Pink knit shorts are cute...except when they're so tight that they accentuate every bulge, dimple, and ripple (lovely mental image, huh?).
Back hair happens. But when it starts traveling down your arm, and so thoroughly covers your tattoo that no one can really tell what the picture is, it's time to put the tank tops away.
Toned, teenage midriff can be shown at will. Once you've added 50 years and 50 lbs, cover it up please!

Rule #2: Conduct
Poll workers try to keep their polling sites as professional as possible, so keep yourself respectable while you're there. Wait your turn in line. You've been in lines since kindergarten, and if you haven't grasped the concept by now, then there's simply no hope for you.
Here's some examples of people who had poor conduct while voting.
Daily medicine is very important, but please take it either before or after voting. Don't get up to the table and decide that the perfect time to pop some pills is while you're being handed a ballot.
It sucks to have fallen and knocked your teeth out, but please don't make a point of showing the poll workers. We really don't care, and it's pretty gross.

Rule #3: Pay Attention
Your ballot is important, so you should give it the attention that it is due. Carefully read all instructions so that you don't select four candidates and then write in a fifth. Be alert when speaking to the poll workers, we're trying to help you here, so listen up!

3 rules aren't that hard to remember. Just follow them and you won't have nearly as many people laughing.

Short and simple. I should have those printed up and passed out before next election.

But by reading that you might think we didn't have a fun day at the polls...but I assure you we did. We got to once again witness the sea of humanity that flows through Portsmouth, and that it an experience in and of itself. And there were many wonderful and very intelligent people that came to vote at our table, but they're not nearly as funny. We even met a woman who voted for Roosevelt the first time she ever voted.

And, once again, we were with Mike and Judie. So even if there weren't any funny voters, we still would have been laughing all day. Mike told us about a girl he knew with a Mexican boyfriend. One day he saw her and she was going on about how all men are dogs. So he asked her if all men are dogs, would her boyfriend be a chihuahua? (She got pissed!)

Oh, and Quilt Bitch was there again! She went slightly nutty this time. She took out all of her pent up sexual frustration on the ballot holding machine (where you put the ballots once you've voted). She would randomly walk up to it and start shaking it. She said she was shaking the ballots to the bottom...but I just don't believe it.

So, it wasn't quite as funny as our first Election Day, but it was still quite memorable...And we got paid more this time. Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo! Happy dance time!

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