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September 18, 2008

Aunt Betty

My Aunt Betty died this evening.

At many times in my life, she was everything to me.

When I was 3 and couldn't walk well, she played on the floor with me.

As a scared teenager, when my parents were divorcing, she would often pick me up after school, with a snack in the car and take me shopping. We listened to the "cool" radio station and looked for cute guys. She usually spotted them first.

Once when I petted a mink coat at our town's only "Good" store, Aunt Betty made the clerk unlock every fur coat in my size and bring them to me to try on, in front of the triple mirrors.

In my 20's when I was pregnant and basically alone, she was the first to say, "Everything will work out. You'll see." She and Uncle Justin were God Parents to my two oldest boys.

When I met My Sweet Benny, my mother wouldn't attend the wedding or help with the arrangements. Aunt Betty and Uncle Justin flew to my rescue. Aunt Betty did everything the mother of the bride usually does, even walking down the aisle and sitting in my front pew.

They flew to my rescue again, about a year later, coming from Florida to help me when my dad died.

She loved all of us and always let us know it. I'm vacillating between being really sad for myself and really happy for her. The words Aunt Betty and Uncle Justin are like one word in our house. Tonight they're reunited forever.

This picture of Aunt Betty and Kaity was taken last year, the last time she visited from Florida.

We Love You Aunt Betty

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September 10, 2008

Happy 20th Birthday Sarah!

Camera 086.JPG

It seems like a lifetime ago when you came home, instead of only two years.

This has been a year of growth for you. You're stronger and more confident than ever!

Thank you for being such a wonderful wife to my son, mother to my Granddaughter, sister-in-law to Jonathan, Kaity, and Khi, and Daughter-in-law to Benny and me. I treasure our friendship and delight in being family with you.

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