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August 28, 2008

New Computer


It has been awhile since I posted. We got a new computer and I'm having to unlearn what I used to do and re-learn everything. It's fun though. Since Jonathan moved I'm actually trying to learn BEFORE asking him for help. He did come over tonight and help Kaity get a game to work. He's a terrific brother.

We went back to the Coblentz home on August first to pick up Angel. She's a beautiful sheltie who bonded immediately with Kaity. Shelties have been in our home for most of the past 21 years. It's nice to have another one.

We also brought home Pierre. He's a little 5 month old Papillion. The plan is to train him to become an assistance dog for my mother. Papillions are often used to assist arthritis patients by picking up things when they are dropped, and bringing slippers and such to their charge.

My Chihuahua Rosie is not pleased with the new additions to our family. But tonight she did allow them to share her chair. Kaity happened to catch them and got this shot. It could be the last one of them all together.
Camera 248.JPG

Pretty the cat stays on Benny's desk, away from them. I think her expression says it all!

Camera 173.JPG

On the knitting front, I've cast on for an Elizabeth Zimmermann Adult Surprise for fall. The wool is in my favorite burgundy colorway. And I have a cashmere scarf on the loom. Neither are picture worthy yet.

On the home front, my Mother-In-law could be facing another hurricane. She just got settled into her rebuilt home after Katrina. I don't think she could make it through another rebuild. The tracking shows this storm to hit at the same spot as Katrina. Katrina was August 30, 2005. This one could hit New Orleans Monday.

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August 06, 2008

How to Melt My Heart

"Hey Grandma! Guess What?"
"I love You

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