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August 15, 2007

They Fit!!!

My Sock Pal that I knit for was Eve in Pennsylvania.

She wrote that she likes the Whitby socks AND they FIT!

I always worry when I knit something for an exchange that it will either not be the right color or pattern or fit.

Eve was really kind about receiving them a little late. And she seems happy with the yarn I dyed and spun for her.

This exchange experience has changed my mind about exchanges. This one worked out well all the way around!

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August 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Benny


Happy Birthday to My Sweet Benny! I realize more and more each year how blessed I am to be married to you. You are the most kind, gentle, and gracious person I know. Though sometimes it goes unmentioned, we all appreciate everything you do to take care of our family. May this be the beginning of your happiest year yet!

All my Love

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August 06, 2007

Dog Days of Summer and Fiber

Meet Rosie!


Rosie came to live at Casa DeDoula a couple of weeks ago. She is a 4.8 pound long hair Chihuahua. She is beginning to feel safe here now and we're enjoying her immensely. We went down to Elizabethtown KY to get her.

We had the honor, while in KY, of having lunch with my friend Viki and her husband and daughter. We hadn't seen them in about 5 years. Viki is a friend who landed in the middle of my heart the first time we met. We can go forever without talking or communicating directly online, but then pick up the phone and it is as though no time has passed. I wish I had taken pictures at our lunch.

Viki is so sweet. She brought me a gift.


I've never seen this yarn before. It's called TOFUTSIES. It's really cool. It has Chitlin, "A fiber from shrimp and crab shells." It's really soft. The book is a scrap book that Sarah and I will use for pictures of our cakes to show prospective clients. Viki also gave me some perfect little rings to use for stitch markers and a little multi compartment box. I would have shown them in the picture but they're in my knitting bag in the car.

My Socka-Pal-ooza socks came today.


My sock pal was Lisa K from Washington state. As you can see, the socks are lovely! The colors are great and they fit! She knit them toe up with X and O cables. The gift yarn is Socks that Rock Merino. Lisa attended the Seattle Mariner's Stitch 'n Pitch. She shared her commemorative needle case with me and made me some stitch markers with I love Knitting charms. Thank you Lisa!

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