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July 25, 2007

Love is in the Air

Justin and Sarah are away for a couple of days on a second Honeymoon! This is their first time to be alone, since they were married and her parents had her taken away in handcuffs.

We talked to them last night. They sounded so happy. Chloe talked to them on the speaker phone and thought it was great fun! For awhile after we hung up she would look at the phone and wave saying, "See ya'"! She's too cute! She is getting dimples like her Mommy, when she smiles!

We've been celebrating here too. Monday was Benny's and my 13th wedding anniversary. Kaity woke us up with breakfast in bed. Benny took the day off work. We went to our favorite little antique shop where we found some momentoes . He surprised me with our dinner spot. He took me to this beautiful little restaurant. The dining room reminded us of many old New Orleans restaurants, with its painted tin ceilings and antique furnishings, which had likely been there since they were new. The food was delicious. The waiter brought us out a cake for dessert to celebrate with.

Benny and I have worn matching watches since we've been married. We've been wearing some gold Seikos for the last ten years but his stopped a couple of weeks ago. It's difficult to find watches now that have matching ladies and gentleman's models. We finally found this one. They were our anniversary gift to one another.


I finished my sockapalooza socks!


It was difficult to get a good picture, but they turned out well.

I'm off to play Grandma with the most beautiful grandchild in the world!

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July 21, 2007

A Dye Experiment

I experimented with dyeing wool using Wilton food color.

My plan was to dye 1/2 of my wool with violet and the other 1/2 with blue. I wanted to spin sock yarn with 1 ply of each color.

I soaked the wool in cool water. I dissolved Wilton violet in a cup of warm water. I poured that into my dyepot, which was filled with cool water. Then I added the wool. I poured in 2 cups of vinegar for mordant.

When the vinegar went into the pot, the base colors separated. The wool ended up being a swirl of blue and purple. As I spun some of it, my hands turned red. Someone suggested that I soak the finished skein in salt water to help set the color. Here's a picture of the roving.


I will just spin it as it is, into 2 ply, and have my violet and blue combination.

I read online where people have had better luck keeping Wilton from separating by soaking roving in vinegar water before dropping it into the dye bath.

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July 07, 2007


Because of cerebral palsy, I've spent a lot of my life being told all of the things I couldn't do. One thing I've wanted to try since elementary school is play the cello. I love the rich tones that cellos produce. The elementary school orchestra teacher told my parents I "Wouldn't be able to keep up". So that was that.

Through the years I've dabbled with several instruments, but cellos keep calling to me. It isn't my birthday or any other gift giving holiday, but yesterday my Sweet Benny ordered a brand new cello for me, along with some instruction materials.

At first, I was excited. Then, uncertainty came as a flood. I asked Benny in horror, "What if I REALLY can't learn to play it?

Kaity had been sitting with us, reading. She looked up from her book and calmly responded, "Well, then I'll learn to play it, so you can still have the music."

I have been blessed with the most wonderful daughter in the world! At 11 years old, she has more kindness and compassion than many adults ever have.

She had a cold in this picture but she's growing into a beautiful young woman both inside and out.


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July 03, 2007

Sock Update Tuesday

I finished the first sockapalooza sock


I'm knitting Whitby from Knitting on the Road from handspun yarn.

I'm spinning some sock yarn for a gift for my exchange pal from this roving


My exchange pal loves purple. I dyed this with Violet Wilton food coloring. It doesn't show in the scan but, when the vinegar was mixed in the pot, some of the red and blue set at different rates. So the yarn is coming out a blend of shades of purple and blue. I think it's pretty and hope my exchange pal does too.

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