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June 16, 2007

Sneaky Bastards!

Justin and I are on a mission to buy a car. We found one on ebay this week that looked really nice. It was a black Mazda RX-8. We see online that it's at a dealership, so we drive two hours to take a better look at it. The car is beautiful, and it's exactly what we want, so we decide to come back Friday to talk price. When we tell the sales lady this, she says that the owner of the dealership is going to be using the car for a few days, but it should be back by Friday.
Friday morning we get a call from the sales lady. She tells us the owner has decided to keep the black car. However, there is a white one that is newer, has fewer miles, but is more expensive. We decide to drive up there anyway to take a look at it. We look at the car, we test drive the car, we smell the new car smell that is inexplicably in a used car...We were drooling (or at least I was), but we still liked the black one better. Then they told us the price. There was no way that we were going to pay that much money for a second choice car, and they weren't going to make a deal with us. We told them no thank you.
As we're leaving, we decide to drive around and take a look at some of the other cars the dealership had. Parked next to another building was the black car! They had bait-and-switched us! Those car salesmen thought that they could get more money out of us by trying to get us to buy a more expensive car. Sneaky bastards!
We are really pissed. I mean, it did sound a little funny that one of the owners of this massive dealership would want to drive a used car when there were many very nice brand new ones sitting there. We're young, so I guess they thought they could trick us. Since we didn't fall for it, we're halfway expecting a call today saying that the owner decided against keeping the black car and that it's now exactly at our price range. We're waiting to see...

Posted by Sarah at 01:10 PM