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August 31, 2006

My Dog Ate My Homework

Tuseday, I went upstairs to finish the pillow I was knitting for my One Skein Exchange Pal. Today is the deadline. I'm late as usual. I never do well with deadlines.

The pillow had about an inch of knitting left to finish, and the flower to crochet. It wasn't on the table where I had left it, but on the floor. It had been turned into Puppy Designer Lace, complimented by freshly toothed, serrated bamboo needles.

A trip to the stash closet turned up wonderful skein of Jaeger Chamonix left from my Everyday Cardigan.

I've chosen to knit the Double Cable Scarf, shown on page 33 of the book.


It will be a quick knit. The yarn is thicker than called for so the gauge isn't quite right. To me, scarf pattern measurements are only approximations. The blend of Angora and Fine Merino should only serve to mean, larger scarf, all the better! I hope she likes it!

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August 23, 2006

Seemingly desperate

for blog fodder. Sleeve island has turned into sleeve hell. But when I'm finished, they'll both be complete. I like the concept of knitting both at once, but the execution ~ not so much.

We had a tease of fall for a couple of days. I am so ready for a cool down. Even as a kid, September has always been my favorite month. New clothes, cool evenings, the new TV shows... As a homeschool family we still count our years with September as the beginning.

BTW go check out Lynne's Sizzle Two from August 19. She makes even summer knitting beautiful!

Benny gets his cast off on Monday. We're anxious to get the living room and hallway painted and new carpet laid. We've been watching a lot of HGTV. We need to get the living room finished, so the list of ideas will stop growing!

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August 14, 2006

An Ending and a New Beginning

Tomorrow is the last day of the American Girl online club. If we had a flag, Kaity would insist it be respectfully lowered to half-mast.

On a happy note, Viki has introduced us to Artist Trading Cards. I hadn't heard of them before. We are planning to incorporate them into our Art classes this year.

It seems like school begins earlier each year. I ease us into it, rather than beginning full force. Kaity is learning about the nutrition of and caring for her puppy as part of science.

So far house training mostly consists of Kaity taking Gabby out, putting her down and then both Kaity and Khi chasing her until until someone finally catches her! The puppy is 8 weeks old. It's like keeping ahead of a toddler. She's having a blast!


In knitting news, I finished the body of Kaity's Caitlin Cardigan this morning. I hope to only be on Sleeve Island for a week or so. I have a new hooded cardigan awaiting a zipper for Khi, and finished sleeves to attach to Benny's new cardigan. I hope to have my Meg Swansen Lupine for fall. I ended up ordering the book and the DVD. If you want to knit this and plan to buy the DVD, don't bother with the book. The pattern is inside the DVD case. The book is nice but I only got it for the Lupine.

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August 08, 2006

Received from a friend today


Fitting for Southern Ohio right now.

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August 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Benny

Today was my sweet Benny's birthday. It has been a good one. In spite of nerve pain in his hand, he has had a smile on most of the day.

Jonathan had taken Kaity and Khi out birthday gift shopping. The littles so proudly gave their dad his gifts, complete with Chiristmas wrap (with extra tape of course) as he walked in the door.

He said the work day hadn't been bad. He really enjoys having Justin working there, although the job is so physically difficult that his co-workers asked Justin the first day, if he was going to kick his dad's ass when it was over!

We had an Italian feast for dinner at my mother's. Jonathan had to work but Benny got to see him after.

It wasn't as big as his 50 days to 50 celebration, but it was filled with something elusive to many, much love and peace.

I love you Benj. Happy Birthday.

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August 02, 2006

For Ms. Selma

Mr. Hitchhiker after a hard day at work.


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August 01, 2006

Our New Granddawg

Meet Gabriella (aka Gabby)!


She's Kaity's little 6 week old Pomeranian.

We had planned to wait for Kaity's birthday in November and get her a sheltie. She wants to learn to show a dog in Jr. Showmanship and Agility. But sometimes, life changes your plans.

Kaity's best friend's dog had a litter of 5. Saige and Kaity named each of them. Gabby was the only girl.

Of course Kaity fell in love at first sight, and has enjoyed watching the puppies grow. Last night, Gabby became the newest member of the Doula family!

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