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July 05, 2006

Needles and a Spindle and an Anniversary too

Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of Spinningdoula.com.

The only reason I remember this anniversary is because today, when I tried to log on for this post, I found out my domain registration had expired. The blog was GONE. For most of you out there in blogland, it would have been a quick fix. But for me it was a cause for panic.

Our in-house IT person has moved out. Poor kid got a phone call from an almost hysterical mother. "Spinningdoula is gone. I need you to fix it." "Mom, calm down. (I hate it when he tells me that) They're probably just having server problems. Hold on." He consults his equally IT savvy roommate and came back quickly. "Just e-mail your host and ask them what's up. Besides, you have everything backed up... don't you?"

I guess we know what he'll be doing tomorrow when he comes for a visit!

Katy mentioned wanting to see the knitting needles and spindle I'm making for my One Skein exchange secret pal.

I didn't get them finished over the holiday week end as I had planned. But here is what I've done so far.


I cut the second size from the smallest dowel stick at Wal-Mart into 10 inch sticks, for the knitting needles. I don't have a gauge down here with me, but they feel like about a US size 6.

The whorl of the spindle is a 2 inch wooden toy wheel. The shaft is cut at 8 inches from about 1/4 inch dowel, or whatever size fit in the wheel. Total weight is 2.3oz.


I glued the whorl to the shaft and sanded everything smooth. Kaity chose a beautiful pearl blue paint we will use on the finished spindle. I'll write something on the whorl in silver or gold marker to commemorate the exchange.

I sharpened the knitting needles in the pencil sharpener. I have sanded them and have applied the first coat of beeswax, with fine steel wool. I plan to use wooden beads on the stopper ends.

Posted by Angi at July 5, 2006 08:09 PM


Very cool. I am impressed by your ingenuity. And glad Spinningdoula is up and running again.

Posted by: Kathleen at July 5, 2006 11:03 PM

Those stitch markers are beautiful. Maybe I'll clean out my bead cupboard and finally make my own too. Or maybe I'll just think about it some more. :) Great inspiration though.

Posted by: Sharon at July 7, 2006 10:02 AM