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July 30, 2006


Look what God gave to Khi and me today!


Khi picked it from our dogwood tree.

Each year, we anxiously wait for the first signs of autumn. As my Aunt Betty would say, "It's hotter than blue blazes" outside right now. Fall is certainly many, many weeks away. But this little leaf is a message for us to just hang on. The best of our year is yet to come!

Thank you for all the kind words and messages about Benny. His wrist and hand seem to be healing well. However, last night some of the severed nerves must have started waking back up. It was pretty rough, until he got the pain managed.

My EZ mocassin socks have been tossed into the frog pond. The first one came out WAY too big. I'll figure them out later.

I dug out the Debbie Bliss Caitlin cardigan I started for Kaity last year. I already had the back and left front finished. It's a good thing I was knitting a size too large at the time! When life got hard, I put it on the side. During times of stress, my knitting becomes tight. Plus, I didn't want to think about bad memories each time she wore the sweater.

Our times are better now. The leaf is a reminder to "Wait, with Hope and Confidence". So as I put my faith in the promises of God, I'll knit and watch, and allow my Hope and Confidence to grow.

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July 27, 2006

One Skein Angel

As I've written, I'm participating in Interweave's One Skein Exchange.

My original "Upstream Pal" decided not to participate. So someone who has only identified herself as One Skein Angel, wrote me saying she would be sending a box my way.

What an amazing surprise her box turned out to be! EIGHT skieins of ROWAN!

First there are 5 skeins of Cashsoft, fine merino and cashmere blend, in perfect colors for a Little Miss Chloe sweater.


The next 2 round skeins are Cashcotton, a blend of cotton, angora, and cashmere. The long skein is Summer Tweed, a silk and cotton blend.


This is my first time to have Rowan yarn! I've never had such luxury yarn in all my life! They're each as soft and extraordinary as they appear!

And as if the yarns weren't enough, my Angel added my other most favorite things ~ Coffee and Candies!


Blessings on you, my One Skein Angel. May the bounty of joy you have bestowed upon me, return to you in abundance!

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July 23, 2006

12 Years Ago Today

I was honored to be married to My Sweet Benny.

Our vows included the traditional "Until death do us part" stuff, but there was more. We vowed to be one another's best friend forever. I feel very blessed that we live that vow.

This anniversary finds us spending all of our time in the smallest room of our house. The recliner in here is perfect for helping Benny sleep with his arm elevated above his head. We're spending our time watching television, eating, napping, and most of all talking and enjoying each other's company!

Sometimes we disagree and argue, like most best friends. But every week day, we look forward to the end of Benny's work. With few exceptions, other than when he's there, we spend all of our time together, most of it with our kids.

I feel badly for couples who don't cherish their time together. As we ride down the road, it amazes me to see couples, some old, some not, riding along, staring ahead in slience. In restaurants, we see the same thing. It's sad. They miss the blessing sitting right beside them.

On our honeymoon we bought a tambour clock. It has become a tradition to add to our clock collection each year. This year we found an anniversary clock, made in Germany in Benny's birth year.


Happy Anniversary Benj. Forever.


Happy Birthday Sandy!

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July 20, 2006

When it rains....

My Sweet Benny's hand did turn out to be the worst case scenario. Tomorrow he will have major reconstructive surgery.

I kind of like having no notice. It doesn't give us any time to worry.

I'll check back in here and show some FO pics when we get a break in this latest storm.

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July 18, 2006

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has written and called about Benny's wrist.

We'll know more this Thursday when he sees yet another hand specialist. Last Thursday's visit was rather unsettling. Phrases like "possible permanent paralyses", "2 surgery minimum", "tendon grafting", and "donated cadaver material" flew around the room like a really bad Twilight Zone episode. Since then, his index finder and middle finger have become involved.

And on top of it all, we moved from Louisiana on purpose, yet seem to be living in the heat of a Louisiana summer here in Ohio.

But in an effort to always find the blessing, the cool nights and warm days seem to be having a wonderful effect on my favorite Roses.

Abraham Lincoln (2).jpg

And the extreme heat will enable us to fully enjoy the break that will be coming next week!

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July 12, 2006

Decisions and Spinning

Like most girls her age, Kaity often says, "When I grow up, I'm going to be a ______". So far we have Veterinarian, Pastry Chef, and the obligatory Rock Star! Sometimes I tease her and ask, "What, not a DOULA?" She rolls her eyes and tells me "That's disgusting Mom!"

This week's profession de jour is Dog Groomer. She has been practicing with the family dogs, no scissors yet, just baths and brushes. Here she is with Sarah's dog Kiwi.


I've been spinning more than knitting lately. This is one of the skeins I sent to my One Skein Secret Pal. It's from Rose's Rainbows in Northwood's Greens colorway. I don't usually choose green colorways, but I like this because of all the range from yellow green to deep forest green.


I think this would make some nice socks.

I cast on with some Wool of the Andes for Elizabeth Zimmermann Moccasin socks. It will keep my hands busy tomorrow in physisican waiting rooms. Benny is seeing a specialist about his hand. His thumb is still paralyzed and he feels like it's going further up his hand.

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July 09, 2006

Rosey Sunday to you

I have been enjoying Mary's blog so much lately. Not a lot of words. Always beautiful photography.

I am neither a talanted nor educated photographer, and I only have a little Kodak Easyshare camera. But I was inspired to find some beauty and play with my software.

Pretty cool that even I could turn this

Tropicana (4).jpg
into this
Tropicana (3).jpg

Who knew?

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July 05, 2006

Needles and a Spindle and an Anniversary too

Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of Spinningdoula.com.

The only reason I remember this anniversary is because today, when I tried to log on for this post, I found out my domain registration had expired. The blog was GONE. For most of you out there in blogland, it would have been a quick fix. But for me it was a cause for panic.

Our in-house IT person has moved out. Poor kid got a phone call from an almost hysterical mother. "Spinningdoula is gone. I need you to fix it." "Mom, calm down. (I hate it when he tells me that) They're probably just having server problems. Hold on." He consults his equally IT savvy roommate and came back quickly. "Just e-mail your host and ask them what's up. Besides, you have everything backed up... don't you?"

I guess we know what he'll be doing tomorrow when he comes for a visit!

Katy mentioned wanting to see the knitting needles and spindle I'm making for my One Skein exchange secret pal.

I didn't get them finished over the holiday week end as I had planned. But here is what I've done so far.


I cut the second size from the smallest dowel stick at Wal-Mart into 10 inch sticks, for the knitting needles. I don't have a gauge down here with me, but they feel like about a US size 6.

The whorl of the spindle is a 2 inch wooden toy wheel. The shaft is cut at 8 inches from about 1/4 inch dowel, or whatever size fit in the wheel. Total weight is 2.3oz.


I glued the whorl to the shaft and sanded everything smooth. Kaity chose a beautiful pearl blue paint we will use on the finished spindle. I'll write something on the whorl in silver or gold marker to commemorate the exchange.

I sharpened the knitting needles in the pencil sharpener. I have sanded them and have applied the first coat of beeswax, with fine steel wool. I plan to use wooden beads on the stopper ends.

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July 03, 2006

Long Week-End

My Sweet Benny has 4 days off for the holiday! We're all loving having him home! Even Kiwi the Granddawg slept beside him last night!

Today finds Casa DeDoula in hand made knitting needle and spindle production, for my one skein exchange secret pal. I'll post pics later.

Happy Independence Day tomorrow, to those on this side of the pond.

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