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February 06, 2006

Time Out!!!

Jonathan, you know I adore you. And you *KNOW* how much your brother, sister-in-law, and niece are going to love you for sticking up for them , but the blog entry was to be a blessing on the marriage ~ Much like the blessings I put for each of your birthdays.

I will not allow my blog to become a forum for people to hurt Sarah. So I have removed the entire exchange between you and "Mary".

P.S. to Mary Pratt, Don't worry. Whenever someone posts to my blog I'm given the I.P. address of the sender. We've always known the "Mary" of the posts wasn't you. She has sent her comments from her work and her home. Nowhere near you.

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February 04, 2006


Through much pain and opposition, Justin and Sarah have battled their way to victory!

They made their way to a judge in Georgia, who granted their request for marriage.

On February 3, 2006, they officially became a family!

Now their precious baby girl will be born into an intact family. She has a mother and father who would stop at nothing to give her what they believe she deserves!

Congratulations and Blessings on all three of you!

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