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November 30, 2005

A Birth Story

Meet Makayla Jaye!

Makayla (2).jpg

Makayla was born this afternoon at 1:38. She is 5 lbs. 13 oz., 20" long and the picture of health.

I met her mom and dad a little over a year ago at circus. As a circus performer, Makayla's mom knows how to make her body do what she wants it to do. I knew this going in, but I was totally amazed today. It was a Doula's delight!

This was the mom's first baby. When she was 9.5cm with only a small lip remaining, the nurse had us help her onto her side. She said that gentle pushing would be fine.

I encouraged the mom to close her eyes and go inside herself. She began pushing gently with each contraction. There were none of those, grunting from your toenails, hanging in the stirrups, fear filled power pushes that usually happen during first births.

We kept the room dim and still. With each contraction, she helped her little girl down the birth canal.

The nurse is used to the "typical" non-doula first baby delivery. So when the dad went out, after only about 45 minutes and said, "I think the baby's coming". The nurse didn't come right away. By the second time dad went out and asked again, the nurse came in to find little Makayla crowning and ready to be welcomed onto her Mommy's belly!

The doctor found that, since Makayla's birth had been so gentle, mom had only one small skin tear.

This was the most peaceful and joyful birth I have had the honor of attending. It spoke well of the benefits of doula support, in an area where until recently doulas were unheard of.

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November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

I shared some with the humans. They're too full too.

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November 09, 2005


It's birthday week here at Casa DeDoula. The eldest Man-Child turned 20 on Monday, Khi turned 8 on the 8th (yesterday), and Kaity will be 10 on Sunday. Each of them milestone birthdays.

The 20 year old's life is beginning to take off into a flurry of adulthood. Between working, school, and friends we hardly ever see him anymore. I miss him but am happy that he's enjoying life. I'm proud of you Jonathan. You've grown into a kind and loving man, filled with wisdom and grace.

My Grandmother said that the year you turn the date, as in 8 on the 8th, will be one of your luckiest years. Here's to you Khi Guy, the one God gave us to keep our home filled with laughter! May your year be filled with giggles and blessings!

To you my princess, 10, WOW! You're growing into a beautiful young lady, with a gentle spirit. And, as you love for us all to remember, you're finally a "Tween"! As you grow this year and accomplish new things, may you continue to be filled with compassion and love.

I love each of you and treasure being your mom.

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November 01, 2005

A Worthy Cause

While Blog Hopping the other day, I enjoyed a post by the Stitchin' Seminarian on being a yarn snob.

I have to admit, I am a yarn snob.

A few years ago my friend Marian in Arizona mentioned she was going to begin spinning her own yarn. My reply, "They sell yarn every day at Wal-Mart. Why would you want to make it?"

Fast forward... Now I not only make it, but I REALLY, REALLY dislike the ACKrillic stuff at Wal-Mart.

So now the question, what to do with the Wal-Mart stash?

One of the Seminiarian's commenters, Abby writes about Interim House, a drug and alcohol treatment center near her. At Interim House, knitting brings all sorts of wonderful things to the residents there. Like Elizabeth Zimmermann said, It's not so much about what you're knitting as it is about what happens while you're knitting.

In this month of blessings counting and giving thanks, there are lots of folks out there making up food baskets. I think sending yarn and knitting supplies to Intrim House, would mean as much if not more than a turkey and cranberries to the residents there.

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