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August 31, 2005

Devastation from Katrina

We've finally gotten some news from our family.

Benny's mom's house in Arabi has 5 feet of water above the roof. She got out with only a few clothes.

Benny's oldest son lost everything at Keesler AFB in Biloxi. He's fine. He sent his little girls with his mom inland. We don't have official word but believe they're ok. His mom's house in Slidell is gone.

I've been able to talk with my friend in Alabama. Thankfully they only lost power for a couple of days. It's frightening to think that's good news. We haven't been able to get any information about our friends in Picayune, MS. They did not evacuate. Nor do we have information about Jonathan and Justin's father. He lives in Biloxi.

As I watch the news and read blogs, I find myself so conflicted. I'm feeling compassion for the ex's, who have caused Benny and me so much pain in our lives. It's a strange feeling.

I was told this morning that the house we lived in, in Slidell is probably gone. After all the fussing I've done about where we live now, and how difficult life can be in Appalachia, I'm just so thankful.

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August 21, 2005

The Red Hat Shawl...

Has Left the Building!

But alas, I have no picture to share. We went Hillsboro, Ohio today to have lunch with my Aunt Betty, and her brother and sister-in-law.

I gave Aunt Betty the shawl by saying, "It isn't unusual for me to contact you 3 weeks late with Birthday Greetings. So I thought this year you may enjoy celebrating 3 weeks early!"

She loves the shawl but wasn't comfortable with having her picture on the internet. So Happy Birthday Aunt Betty! We love you!

I wonder if this will start a trend and I'll have all my Christmas knitting finished by December 4? I can dream about it anyway!

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August 16, 2005

Desperate times...

call for desperate measures.

I got up with Benny this morning and finished the Red Hat lady shawl. I can't wait to begin spinning Brenda fleece. But I can't find the oil for my wheel.
Guess this will have to do!

*~*~*~Update - 3 hours later~*~*~*


This is the first Brenda Skein. It's only about 125 yards of 2 ply, because I spun it on the Ashford. I didn't want to spray cooking oil on my good wheel!

This stuff spins like Buttah! The picture looks a lot darker on my monitor than the actual skein. It's an overcast day and dark in my house so I had to use a flash. Maybe we'll get that cool front after all!

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August 15, 2005


For the past few years I have bought at least a part of a Red Barn Farm border leister fleece, off of a ewe named Brenda. Rose told me this could possibly be the last year, as Brenda may be sold.

In years past, I have enjoyed washing, carding, and spinning Brenda's lovely grey wool. She has provided us with socks and various other warm knitted treats.

I wanted this final year to be special. I've decided to dye some of the wool a rich burgundy. I'll spin some of it in it's natural grey. With the two yarns, I will knit Harrisville Designs Blackberry and Camel Pullover.
The only design changes I want to make are to slice it, line it, and sew in a zipper.

Benny gifted me by having the Brenda fleece professionally processed this year at Frankenmuth Woolen Mill The package arrived today!
I thought I did a pretty good job processing wool myself, but mine doesn't come close to this! Frankenmuth also cleans and processes wool into quilt batts. It's almost enough to turn me into a quilt lemming.

I can't wait to begin spinning. But alas, I have about 35 more rows to knit on the Red Hat Shawl. We're seeing the intended recipient on Sunday. I want to give it to her as an early birthday gift.

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August 08, 2005

Not Gone

I'm not gone ~ just incredibly busy.

My mother is continuing to recover from the stroke. But, I have been needed by her more than usual.

I finished the back of Kaity's sweater.

I'm now fervently knitting away on the Red Hat Shawl. I'm a little more than 1/2 way finished. The intended recipient is up from Florida this month. The shawl is for her Spetember 12th birthday. Since we will be with her on the 21st, I plan to give it to her then. But that only gives me less than 2 weeks to finish!

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