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August 15, 2005


For the past few years I have bought at least a part of a Red Barn Farm border leister fleece, off of a ewe named Brenda. Rose told me this could possibly be the last year, as Brenda may be sold.

In years past, I have enjoyed washing, carding, and spinning Brenda's lovely grey wool. She has provided us with socks and various other warm knitted treats.

I wanted this final year to be special. I've decided to dye some of the wool a rich burgundy. I'll spin some of it in it's natural grey. With the two yarns, I will knit Harrisville Designs Blackberry and Camel Pullover.
The only design changes I want to make are to slice it, line it, and sew in a zipper.

Benny gifted me by having the Brenda fleece professionally processed this year at Frankenmuth Woolen Mill The package arrived today!
I thought I did a pretty good job processing wool myself, but mine doesn't come close to this! Frankenmuth also cleans and processes wool into quilt batts. It's almost enough to turn me into a quilt lemming.

I can't wait to begin spinning. But alas, I have about 35 more rows to knit on the Red Hat Shawl. We're seeing the intended recipient on Sunday. I want to give it to her as an early birthday gift.

Posted by Angi at August 15, 2005 04:19 PM


Lucky you. While I enjoy processing my own fleece, it sure takes a long time. Is that sweater from the New England book? It's going to be beautiful. I like the idea of a lined jacket.

Posted by: Charleen at August 15, 2005 11:31 PM

That Benny, what a guy. It looks lovely. The sweater is lovely. And Brenda...I love it.

Posted by: Kathleen at August 16, 2005 06:42 AM