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May 31, 2005

Memorial Week End

Sunday of Memorial Day week end found the doula family celebrating Justin's Birthday at the lake.

My uncle was in town. Justin and his friend Brandon took him for a canoe ride.
canoe (2).JPG
It amazes me to see my 80 year old uncle act like such a young man. One of his latest adventures was a train ride from Ohio to California ~ solo. He had originally scheduled the trip with a friend. But when that fell through, he didn't consider staying home.

As the kids canoed and swam, Benny grilled traditional picnic fare. I spent a lot of the time under the canopy of a 100 year old oak tree, spinning with my Traveller.

The traveling Vietnam Vetrans Memorial Wall came to our town over the week end. Benny's cousin Raphael Peralta is on the wall. He went to Vietnam in November 1967 and was killed on May 1, 1968. He was exactly 20 years and 6 months old. My oldest will be 20 this November. Scary.

Visiting the wall was an amazing experience. It was at our local park. Usually the park is noisy with kids and dogs. There was a stillness accompanying the wall. The park was transformed as though we were walking on holy ground.

I just ordered Sparkles to make my aunt the Red Hat Lady shawl. Any advice from someone who has made this would be appreciated. I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around unraveling for the fringe.

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May 27, 2005

New Book

Benny and I were childless at our almost local Borders Bookstore recently. We adore our kids, but it is really fun to shop without them sometimes.

I found the most beautiful book, The Green Mountain Spinnery Knitting Book. I was actually looking for something different, but this book drew me in. It is filled with rich heathery colors and beautiful photographs that make me want to knit each project.

But there's the rub. So many projects, so little time. It makes me wonder if other people buy "eye candy" books only to realize years later they've never knit any of the patterns?

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May 25, 2005

Spinning and knitting and thinking ~ OH MY

Wow! I wrote that I was finally back and then I was gone again.

My Uncle Justin died and I haven't seemed to be interested in much of anything. He was, in many ways, more of a dad to me than mine was. My son Justin was his namesake and he was Godfather to both Jonathan and Justin.

On a brighter note, I found a Spinning Guild in my area! Benny and I attended our first meeting Monday evening. Everyone there was so welcoming. There were spinners and knitters and a husband and wife crochet couple.

Benny doesn't have a lot of interest in doing any fiber crafts. But he enjoys the company. He may take some of his antique radios or clocks to fool with for the two hours.

I spun on a Louet for the first time. REALLY smooth. The one I tried was DT. I don't do well with DT but could see myself with a Louet ST one day.

I'm moving along with Kaity's ballet sweater. Tomorrow should find me sailing off to sleeve island. Since it's out of season, I may wait to sew the pieces together until fall. She may need it to be lengthened by then.

That thought makes me wonder about changing the way I knit kid sweaters. I make most of my sweaters ala Elizabeth Zimmermann. So, they're from the bottom up. I'm thinking of casting on with a provisional cast on or waste yarn, and then immediately knitting the body. After the body is knit, I would pick up the sts and knit the ribbing. Since kids grow faster in length than circumference, when the sweater becomes too short, I could either remove the ribbing and add something between the bottom and the ribbing. Or I could unknit the bind off and make the ribbing longer.

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May 04, 2005

Finally back!

Wow! It has been a long time since I wrote an entry here.

First, I was busy being a doula. I have a new client. She's about 15 minutes pregnant. As they came out from their first doctor's appointment, the boyfriend stopped everyone he made eye contact with. He showed them the ultrasound picture of their little dot!

Two weeks ago, we had a celebration of my cousin Karen's son's life. Those of you who have known me for a while, know that Josh took his life last year. The A Capella group he sang with at Roanoke College, Listening for an Echo, honored Josh with a beautiful garden in his memory.

Last week, my mother ended up having heart surgery. She's fine now.

While in Roanoke I found a great little knitting store called Needle on the Square. I bought a pattern to make Kaity a Ballet Sweater.
I'm knitting it with the suggested yarn in blue. I've finished the back and most of the left front.

The really big news at Casa DeDoula is, while we were in Virgina, my son and his girlfriend got engaged!


They're really happy! Benny and I are thrilled for them! Her parents aren't so happy.

In Louisiana, it isn't uncommon for teenagers to become engaged, marry between 18 and 21, and have many, many years together. If that happens for you, you're considered blessed.

Here, in Appalachia, teenager's thoughts, desires, and commitments are of little consequence, in comparison to the thoughts and desires of the parents. The belief is, unless you are the magic age (though no one will say what that age is), you can not know what you want for your life. Nor can you be trusted to make any important decisions for yourself.

Sometimes here, the parents don't stop telling their "children" what to do, even as adults. I have a cousin who did what her parents said, until her father died. It left her prey for the first predator that came along.

I'm glad to be back and looking forward to reading all the blogs I've missed!

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