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April 12, 2005

Good Morning

I found myself at Now Norma Knits this morning.

She wrote about e-mail forwards. She quoted one that started my day off with a smile. It ends,


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

May you have a Breathtaking moment today!

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April 11, 2005

Cast On

I have been hand knitting for about 5 years. Before that I used an Incredible Sweater Machine (ISM), which has been replaced by the "Ultimate" Sweater Machine

On an ISM e-mail list, I made a friend in Arizona. I quickly became her lemming. She has led me on adventures of spinning, hand knitting,weaving, soap making, and who knows what next.

I learned each of these things from her e-mail and telephone instruction, videos, books, and online sources. Some skills came naturally, others through great gnashing of teeth.

Yesterday, Katy-Kathleen answered an Interview Meme. She commented that she figured out how to long tail cast on in a dream one night. That inspired me! Long tail cast on was one of the gnashings I gave up on, remanding myself to (as Katy calls it) "Kindergarten Cast On" for each of my projects.

Last night, I experienced one of those Too Tired and CRANKY to Sleep nights. So I dug out my Big Book of Knitting and practiced the technique until I finally wrapped my brain around it!
caston (2).JPG

Now I'm wondering, which cast on do most knitters use? Is long tail cast on better for certain projects than others? Is there even a place for Kindergarten Cast On in knitting? If not, why do they teach it in the first place? And finally, how much yarn do you allow for the tail? The Big Book says about 3/4" for each stitch to be cast on. For a large economy size sweater to fit me, I'd have to pull out more than would seem manageable.

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April 06, 2005

Ask and you shall receive!

Yesterday as we perused the new Knit Picks preview, Kaity spied this.
The sweater is called Caitlin! It's from Debbie Bliss' Junior Knits. We have enough Wool of the Andes in Mist to make it for Kaity. The color Mist is actually much more blue than it shows on my monitor. It's nice yarn. If I use all that we have, it will only cost $17.90 for the sweater.

My friend Viki and I recently talked about how fun it would be if she made Mariah, for her daughter Mariah. Kaity overheard and asked if there was a Kaity or Kaitlyn sweater. I said I didn't know but if we found one we would make it.

Now I know what I'll be knitting this summer!

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April 02, 2005


The yarn is spun.
blue (2).JPG
The light blue is for the body. The dark blue is for the soles.

I chose a pattern that was published in Threads in April 1989. The original pattern was shared by Christine Bourquin, an 89 year old lady. It was her desire for this pattern to live on after her.

With all the death and dying this week, I think knitting these baby booties will be a life affirming process for me.

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