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November 11, 2004


What is always one of the best weeks in our family, almost turned into one of unimaginable horror.

Khi had an upper respiratory infection about 3 weeks ago. The doctor prescribed Amoxicillin. That's what he gets every fall when he gets the same sinus infection. This time, Khi's body developed an allergic reaction to the Amoxil.

Over this past Saturday, Khi's legs got what we thought were "Charley Horses". The pain came and went. On Sunday he was fine. On Monday he was fine until the evening when he complained of his legs being sore. He wasn't interested in his birthday gifts. We decided we would take him to the doctor the next morning. At 3:00am on Tuesday, Khi was screaming with pain. His joints were swollen and he couldn't straighten his legs. We went to the Emergency Room.

He was admitted to the hospital and lots of tests were run. It turns out his problems were a result of Serum Sickness.

The blessing is that it turned around right away. The Rhumatologist told Khi that God had healed him! Khi repiled, "That's what I asked Him to do!" The doctor told him to keep praying because, "God always hears the prayers of little boys". It was a great faith builder for a 7 year old little boy.

Justin's best friend's dad is a physician. Last night he told me the severity of Khi's illness often leads to death.

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