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November 30, 2004

Fun New Blog

Someone on FiberUniverse today mentioned the blog of Heather B. Armstrong as having the ability to make her pee her pants!

Usually when someone points out a "new to them" blog I go take a quick look, and then go on. This one consumed my afternoon.

She writes of life in the Armstrong house. She has a pictorial walk down the memory lane of kitchen remodeling. And apparently, though I didn't see it much, writes the F word a lot. She writes of searching for the perfect Christmas tree and the furniture reorganization that ensues. She ends the post, "We’re the Armstrongs. Will anyone even notice?"

As we here at Casa deDoula, embark on our own home renovation, Christmas tree search, and furniture placement, (Some of which may also be on the porch) we will embrace the Armstrong spirit.

We're the Jurado's. Will anyone even notice?

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November 29, 2004

Knitting Angels

Benny gifted me with a new knitting book. Angels a Knitter's Dozen They're beautiful!

I enjoy knitting lace though I don't have a lot of experience with it. I cast on last night for the spinning angel. They're knit in pieces and assembled after stiffening each piece. The small pieces knit quickly.

The four days off were wonderful. But alas, real life beckons. I used to only do holiday activities with the kids, between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Spelling words were holiday words. Math was mostly in the kitchen, measuring and learning about adjusting recipes. Reading was holiday stories. This year, at least this week, we're doing regular book work. Maybe we'll pull out the holiday books and begin reading. That may spark the Christmas spirit!

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November 27, 2004

"Shoppers Flood Area Stores"

I fought the Mall
and the
Mall won!!!

Film at 11

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November 26, 2004


I read a sign today that said,
"We don't need more to be thankful for. We just need to be more thankful".
I'm counting my blessings.

In the hurry of Thanksgiving preparations, I did manage to complete a pair of socks for a Christmas gift.
They're called Fancy Chevron Lace socks by Judy Sumner. The pattern is at http://knitting.miningco.com/library/blchevronsocksbig.htm I would have just linked the address but we have a new browser and I don't have those options for bold and link etc. at the top of where I'm typing this. The socks are really quick to knit so I may knit more for holiday gift giving.

I'm off to bed for a nap before standing in line for the stores to open.

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November 13, 2004

Kaity's Day!!!!

K-K-K-Kaity, beautiful Kaity,
You're the only g-g-g-girl that I adore!


Happy Birthday Angel Girl!

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November 11, 2004


What is always one of the best weeks in our family, almost turned into one of unimaginable horror.

Khi had an upper respiratory infection about 3 weeks ago. The doctor prescribed Amoxicillin. That's what he gets every fall when he gets the same sinus infection. This time, Khi's body developed an allergic reaction to the Amoxil.

Over this past Saturday, Khi's legs got what we thought were "Charley Horses". The pain came and went. On Sunday he was fine. On Monday he was fine until the evening when he complained of his legs being sore. He wasn't interested in his birthday gifts. We decided we would take him to the doctor the next morning. At 3:00am on Tuesday, Khi was screaming with pain. His joints were swollen and he couldn't straighten his legs. We went to the Emergency Room.

He was admitted to the hospital and lots of tests were run. It turns out his problems were a result of Serum Sickness.

The blessing is that it turned around right away. The Rhumatologist told Khi that God had healed him! Khi repiled, "That's what I asked Him to do!" The doctor told him to keep praying because, "God always hears the prayers of little boys". It was a great faith builder for a 7 year old little boy.

Justin's best friend's dad is a physician. Last night he told me the severity of Khi's illness often leads to death.

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November 08, 2004

A Night of Pie

Khi is 7 years old today!

At our house you get to choose what's for dinner on your birthday. Khi's current favorite food is chicken pot pie. Like most of the people in our house, he prefers pie over the traditional birthday cake. His favorites are cherry and pumpkin. So tonight's feast of pastry left us quite full and Khi smiling.

Speaking of Khi smiles, we took this picture when we were with my cousin on Saturday. Khi loves her so much. He asked me to have this one printed and frame it.
Happy Birthday Khi Guy!

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November 07, 2004

Birthday Celebrations

Yesterday we met my favorite cousin 1/2 way between Hooterville and the Mountians of Virginia, to celebrate the three birthdays this week.
It was wonderful to be with her. She is such a blessing in our lives.

Today my man child turned 19. It's amazing to see what a wonderfully kind and thoughtful young man he has become. We are so very proud of him. Happy Birthday Jono!!!

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November 05, 2004


This is birthday week as Casa DeDoula.

On Sunday, my most handsome and wonderful first born will turn 19. On Monday my baby will be 7.

We had only lived in Ohio for 8 months when Khi was born. Jonathan spent his 12th birthday in the home of a stranger. She is a cousin whom I've loved my entire life. But to Jonathan she was a stranger. She ordered pizza and did the best she could to entertain a 10 year old, a not quite 2 year old who spent the night crying to nurse, and a sullen 12 year old on his birthday.

As the evening wore on, Jonathan could be overheard, "God, Please don't let that THING be born on MY birthday!!!!"

God heard and granted the now regretted request. Jonathan now thinks it would be great if they shared the same birthday.

Each year at 12:01am on November 8, Khi stays up and says, "Hey Jono' Bear! Your Birthday's off ~ My birthday's ON!!!!!!"

My Kaity girl turns 9 next Saturday.

Justin said one year, "Fine, have your birthdays together. But remember, in November, all the birthday money has to be divided 3 ways. In May, It's ALL MINE!!!"

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