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November 05, 2004


This is birthday week as Casa DeDoula.

On Sunday, my most handsome and wonderful first born will turn 19. On Monday my baby will be 7.

We had only lived in Ohio for 8 months when Khi was born. Jonathan spent his 12th birthday in the home of a stranger. She is a cousin whom I've loved my entire life. But to Jonathan she was a stranger. She ordered pizza and did the best she could to entertain a 10 year old, a not quite 2 year old who spent the night crying to nurse, and a sullen 12 year old on his birthday.

As the evening wore on, Jonathan could be overheard, "God, Please don't let that THING be born on MY birthday!!!!"

God heard and granted the now regretted request. Jonathan now thinks it would be great if they shared the same birthday.

Each year at 12:01am on November 8, Khi stays up and says, "Hey Jono' Bear! Your Birthday's off ~ My birthday's ON!!!!!!"

My Kaity girl turns 9 next Saturday.

Justin said one year, "Fine, have your birthdays together. But remember, in November, all the birthday money has to be divided 3 ways. In May, It's ALL MINE!!!"

Posted by Angi at November 5, 2004 11:59 PM


My oldest's birthday is Sunday too - he'll be 29! Talk about milestone birthdays, I think his next birthday will be hard on me!

Posted by: Char at November 6, 2004 07:46 AM