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September 05, 2004


There's something about the beginning of fall that makes me want to sew. Carolyn and Charleen have been making beautiful outfits lately.

The Singer sewing machine turned out to be a 1925. I have a 1929 Singer as well. The machine that I use is just a regular Singer with the typical bells and whistles.

I have some Lizzy McGuire patterns that Kaity wants. I'll probably start with those. I want to make them special for her. I've been eyeing the Brother Applique Station since I first heard about it. They used to be a couple of hundred dollars, but someone has them listed on EBAY for about fifty.

My dream is to weave cloth and make a coat for myself. Right now I'm spinning some Beast for the warp. I have some Shetland to spin for the weft. I'll dye them and weave them SOMEDAY!

In the meantime we're having a peaceful Labor Day week end. We're spending time as a family. Our town has fireworks tonight that, according to the Hooterville Times, will be SPECTACULAR ! Can't wait!

Posted by Angi at September 5, 2004 08:08 PM