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August 01, 2004

What Country Are You?

You're Sudan!
Every time you get a headache, you reach for some aspirin, only to realize that someone destroyed it.  That's just how things are going for you right now... it's hard to eat, hard to sleep, hard to not have a headache.  You try to relax, but people always jump on you about something that doesn't make sense.  If you were a goat, you'd be a Nubian.
Take the Country Quiz at the Blue Pyramid

Wow! I'm not sure I like the country I got (I tried twice with the same results), but ~ If the description fits (and unfortunately it does) I guess I'll have to wear it!

Posted by Angi at August 1, 2004 02:45 PM


don't feel bad. I'm Thailand. Something about promiscuity and disease but I still attract admirers. And I can cook. The book quiz was much more accurate...

Posted by: sewinsue at August 2, 2004 12:27 PM