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May 31, 2004

Turkey Roaster Lemming

I'm not usually a lemming, except for Alfred's orange paint, and spinning with my friend Marian. That led to hand knitting, with Marian, because my handspun was too fine to knit on the ISM. Then there was weaving like Rose. But that wasn't really my fault. She offered me (or maybe gave me when I asked) a deal on a loom that I couldn't refuse.

This time I promised myself I would resist. You see, a few months ago, in the after Christmas sale at Wal-Mart, Carolyn found a GE Turkey Roaster on Clearance (Don't you love that word?), perfect for dying 2 pounds of wool/yarn/fleece/what have you, at a time.

I was intrigued, but I will NOT become a turkey roaster lemming. I saw a large stack of them at my Wal-Mart. They called to me. I sneered back, "You won't pull me in".

Occasionally I noticed the stack getting smaller. The little yellow "Roll Back" charlatan kept smiling at me, tempting me.

Then, the day before yesterday, I read Kate's blog. She admonished all Turkey Roaster Lemmings to "Go forth and drop thirty bucks kids.", promising that we wouldn't regret it.

My eyes turned into red and white cartoon spirals. My resistance was gone. I no longer had control.

So, Ms. Kate, if you happen to read this, You've done your duty to the Wool Dying Gods. Now all of your wool dying will be sprinkled with fairy dust and colors will be more wonderful than your imagination could conceive.

But I got mine for $19.99 Na, Na, Na Na, Na!!!

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May 28, 2004

Real Life vs. The Blog

I have been way too lax about posting to my blog. Every day I think of what I will write when I get "My Turn" at the computer. But by the time my turn comes, I'm either in a hurry or just plain too tired.

In the meantime, real life continues. Justin turned 16. As part of the celebration we took the kids and his best friend to Paramount's King's Island, Home of "The Beast", made famous by Louis Sachar in Goosebumps, for homeschool day. The older kids rode all of the "Big Rides" while Kaity and Khi spent the day in Hanna Barbara Land.

They got to meet Sponge Bob.

They rode the small coaster. Khi was not impressed. He spent the rest of the day on less frightening rides.

Kaity, it turns out, is quite the thrill ride enthusiast! She has the right parents for it. I'm afraid of roller coasters. Benny loves them. Benny gets sick on spinning rides. I love them. Kaity wasn't tall enough for the "big" coasters yet but she and her dad conquered the Beastie. It's a smaller version of the regular Beast. But it is larger than the roller coaster that comes to our county fair each year.

Justin and Jamar won at the "Cheat You Till You're Broke" Basketball Game.
They spent the rest of the day chasing the balls.

I'm still knitting along on my shawl. I don't get a lot of knitting time, so it's a slow process. But it's not shawl weather right now anyway.

Hope your summer is going well.

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May 17, 2004


Saturday, we had the honor of attending the most beautiful wedding ceremony I've seen since my own.

Our friends who have been married for over 20 years renewed their vows, and had the wedding celebration they were unable to afford in the beginning.

Kaity told the bride she looked like a queen.
Wedding 002 (2).jpg
I agree.

My son Justin was an usher.
church 3 (2).jpg

The bride and groom's son and Justin have been best friends since they were 10.
Wedding 006 (2).jpg

I asked Benny if he wanted to renew our vows. His response: "I didn't know they expire!"

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May 10, 2004

Pretzel Girl

We're counting down to the circus performance. The directors encourage the kids to come up with tricks and routines on their own to work into the show.

Today, my daughter pitched her "Human Pretzel" to the director. It has been added with a spotlight to one of the group routines. She's really excited, especially since the others in her class can't hold that position.

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May 07, 2004

Mother's Day gift

I got an early Mother's Day gift from my 15 year old. Yesterday when he went to the video rental store, he came home with Calendar Girls for me.

My husband took me on a Valentine's date to a theater in Cincinnati to see this movie. I think I enjoyed it more this morning though. Last time, my ears took a little while to adjust to the accents and I missed the humor in the beginning.

I'm looking forward to the rest of Mother's Day week-end. At our house, we emphasize gifting of time and effort rather than just buying things. So hopefully, whatever they plan, it will be a peaceful relaxing week-end.

I hope yours is is filled with everything you enjoy most.

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May 05, 2004

American Girls

My daughter and I have discovered the American Girl book series. I'm in love!

We began with Samantha from 1904. We're enjoying learning about life during the Victorian era.

The final chapter of each book is entitled A Peek Into the Past. It's a
history lesson. So we're getting a double blessing. Fun reading that we can count for school!

I've gone a little EBay crazy with American Girl merchandise. Kaity doesn't care for dolls. That will same me a mint. But I did win a few out of print American Girl cookbooks and craft books. I also won a silver Samantha charm to put on a necklace for Kaity.

This is my favorite purchase. It's a Samantha book end. We'll use it on the bookcase to hold up all the books we'll be getting.


Just what I needed ~ a new obsession.

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May 02, 2004

False Start


Last week when I began the shawl I really believed it would be my first project with only one beginning. WRONG

Am I the only one who has to begin and begin again? I flunked gauge 101. Every sweater, after knitting a few inches, has had to be ripped out and begun again. But since this is a shawl, I wasn't going to worry about gauge.

I have a love hate relationship going on with my Denise interchangeable knitting needles. I love having all the sizes from 5 to 13 or whatever in 1 pack. It's those cables that I don't care for.

I was knitting along on about the third row of my shawl. As I slid the stitches along the cable it came apart, dropping several stitches. I got them back on. But in the process, without realizing it, I twisted the work. I continued knitting.

Today I had a few inches completed, the pattern memorized, and the decreases falling in the right places. I realized my mistake. I tried to figure out a fix (If anyone knows of one. please enlighten me). It was more than I could make work, so I pulled it out. Now I wonder if I had just put all the stitches on a thread, if I could have picked them up without the twist.

On a happier note, Justin received a letter in the mail inviting him to the State Bowling Tournament after all! He had missed the cut, after the regional tournament, by only 1 or 2 pins. Someone else dropped and he will now represent our bowling center at the State level! That's really exciting news! They give scholarships and savings bonds as prizes at the State tournament.

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