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April 22, 2004

Knitting ADD

I think I have knitting ADD. Is there a support group?

I'm waiting on the Brownsheep yarn for Khi's tomten. I didn't really want to spend more $ on another project, so I picked up the Casual Cables again. After only a few days, I've had enough of it. I still haven't finished the diva socks for my cousin.

I have so many UFO's that most of them will have to be ripped out because I don't remember which needles, or the measurements. Some of them have been outgrown before being finished.

And now I find the Scottish, Fir Cone Square Shawl, from Folk Shawls calling my name. I imagine it on the porch swing in the fall, with wiggly children snuggled underneath, and draped over my shoulders on chilly mornings.

Maybe I'll start spinning some mohair for it. Who knows? By the end of the spinning, it may turn into something else!

Whoever coined the phrase "So much fiber, So little time!" knew what they were talking about.

Posted by Angi at April 22, 2004 11:34 PM


That is me to a T~ "so much fiber, so little time"!

I got the cables cardi pattern and yarn yesterday, but I am holding off starting it until I get some other things finished. I have until August! Hopefully it won't take too long?!?

Posted by: Annie at April 23, 2004 10:13 AM