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March 15, 2004

Almost A Sweater!

Kaity's spring sweater only needs 1 more sleeve, a collar and the zipper. I finished the first sleeve today.
Hopefully the next one won't take a week too.

I've been thinking about what I want my next knitting project to be. I ordered some scarlet wool for a new hooded Tomten jacket for Khi. It's one of the Elizabeth Zimmermann projects in the Knitting Workshop. I made one for him 2 years ago out of some superwash wool, thinking I needed it to be machine washable. I'm not wasting the extra money this time. It turns out that the superwash pills horribly in the machine. So this one will be regular wool from Brown Sheep.

I still need to finish my diva socks. And I want to make a pair of those for a special cousin too. And I'm starting to be in the mood to weave something. Plus I've asked Rose to pick me a beautiful silver fleece when she shears. I will spend probably most of the summer processing, spinning, and knitting it into the Fjorgyn.

And in my spare time I have my 2 new CAPPA certifications to complete!

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March 13, 2004

Doulas and the Elderly

Some of the birth doulas I've met also work with hospice. I asked one such doula why she would do both. She explained to me that whether she worked on Labor and Delivery or in ICU, the job was still the same, to give comfort and encouragement during the most important day in a person's life.

Thursday, my next door neighbor had a heart attack. She is 77 years old with no immediate family. She came here as a WWII bride from Germany almost 50 years ago.

I've been sitting in intensive care with her. At first, I was there just to be kind, to make things a little easier, maybe lessen the fear a bit ~ To bless her. What I didn't expect was how blessed I would be.

I've learned more about this little lady in 3 days than in the 7 years I've known her. She's told me stories of working with her husband, on a dairy farm in Kentucky. She also allowed her niece to tell me about her life in Germany. Before falling in love with a handsome American GI, she was a figure skater in Nuremberg.

It's as though she needs for the stories to be told. The legacy of her life.

As we talk, I hold her hand. Her fear subsides. Her accelerated heart rate slows. She rests. I understand the truth in what the hospice doula said to me.

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March 10, 2004

Everyday Cardigan

I've noticed on several blogs that people are knitting the Everyday Cardigan.

I knit mine last year. I used Jaeger Chamonix that I got on a trip to Indianapolis. There was an amazing yarn store there. I can't remember the name, but it was a really cool place. The owner's daughter's Girl Scout troop was planning to have a sleepover, in the yarn store, that night. How fun is that? They were going to learn to cast on and knit something small.

The Chamonix yarn was amazing to knit with and is wonderful to wear. It is 48% Angora, 47% Extra Fine Merino, and 5% Polyamide. I used some hand made Fimo type buttons. Because of the high percentage of Angora, the sweater is really warm. I've worn it a lot when normally a coat would have been needed.

If I ever knit this one again I will knit it in the round and slice the front. I find knitting sweaters in pieces and then putting them together to be a PITA. The only reason I knit this one flat was, I didn't have the Denise needles with me when I was in Indianapolis, and the shop only had straight needles in the right size.

It's interesting to me, how completly different the same pattern looks when knit with different yarn. Marye showed her beautiful version on her latest blog entry. Here's mine.

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March 08, 2004

Monday, Monday

Today was our first day back at our regular routine since coming home from Virginia.

After being away, driving and waiting seemed to take longer than I remembered. I did get quite a bit of knitting accomplished. The first sleeve of my daughter's spring sweater is about half finished.
Sleeve .jpg

It felt like spring here for the last week or so but today we were gifted with a little bit of snow. Spring and summer are seasons I endure to get back to the fall and winter that I love.

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March 06, 2004


Justin bowled in a tournament this afternoon. It was a regional tournament sponsored by Pepsi.

Bowling (2).jpg

He did well. His average has dropped to 138 this year. His scores today were 158, 152, and 130. So he was pleased.

The tournament was held in a PBA practice bowling center. It had 2 stories of lanes. It was the largest center we had ever been to.

After the tournament we stopped in Cincinnati at Joann's Fabric to find a zipper for Kaity's spring sweater. They didn't have what I needed so I had to buy one 4 inches too long.

I will cut the top and whip stitch new stops. Anyone have any wisdom for that to share with me? I've cut zippers on the bottom and zig zagged over for sewing. But the zipper sewn to the fabric was always enough to stop it from pulling apart.

I won't have to actually sew the zipper in for a few days. Right now I'm stuck in sleeve hell. I usually knit sleeves as I knit the sweater. I keep a sleeve in our bedroom and the sweater by my chair in the TV room But I had to knit the body of this one first to see exactly how big around I need the sleeves to be. I can't increase or decrease and keep the lace pattern even.

Hope you're having a good week end!

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March 02, 2004


My favorite cousin buried her baby yesterday. He was 23 but he was her baby.

Since Sunday night, I have watched with amazement, the grace and dignity exhibited by my beautiful cousin, as she kindly and gently received visitors and phone calls. Though her heart is broken beyond measure, her strength of character and faith will see her through.

Please read now about Josh, and in his mother's words, "Never take for granted, and always appreciate your own sound mental health." Mental illness is the most cruel of diseases.

BROWN, Joshua Wayne


Joshua Wayne Brown, 23, of Buena Vista Farm, Pulaski, Va., chose to be with his Lord on the 26th day of February 2004. He was the son of Robert W. and Karen B. Brown of Pulaski. He is survived by his parents; brother and sister-in-law, Nathan Kelly and Cari Wyatt Brown of Norwich, Conn.; paternal grandfather, Frank W. Brown of Pulaski; maternal grandparents, Carl and Virginia Buckland of Radford; uncle and aunt, Mark S. and Becky H. Buckland of Dublin; aunts, Susan E. Buckland of Houston, Texas and Margaret B. Stevens of Pulaski; and several cousins. Joshua was a victim of the ravages of a medical condition known as Schizo-Affective Disorder. He was a gifted musician and singer who had farmers hands and loved his cows and especially his two devoted beagles, Buddy and Bongo. He was a member of Draper's Valley Presbyterian Church. Joshua completed two years of study at Roanoke College, where he was a member of the a cappella group "Listening For An Echo". Joshua "fought the good fight, he finished the course, he kept the faith". IITimothy 4:7

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