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March 15, 2004

Almost A Sweater!

Kaity's spring sweater only needs 1 more sleeve, a collar and the zipper. I finished the first sleeve today.
Hopefully the next one won't take a week too.

I've been thinking about what I want my next knitting project to be. I ordered some scarlet wool for a new hooded Tomten jacket for Khi. It's one of the Elizabeth Zimmermann projects in the Knitting Workshop. I made one for him 2 years ago out of some superwash wool, thinking I needed it to be machine washable. I'm not wasting the extra money this time. It turns out that the superwash pills horribly in the machine. So this one will be regular wool from Brown Sheep.

I still need to finish my diva socks. And I want to make a pair of those for a special cousin too. And I'm starting to be in the mood to weave something. Plus I've asked Rose to pick me a beautiful silver fleece when she shears. I will spend probably most of the summer processing, spinning, and knitting it into the Fjorgyn.

And in my spare time I have my 2 new CAPPA certifications to complete!

Posted by Angi at March 15, 2004 10:29 PM


Sleeve looks great. I am looking forward to Diva sock pics!

Posted by: Kathleen at March 18, 2004 08:07 AM