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January 29, 2004

Clown Socks

In anticipation of a 2 night hospital stay next month, I decided to make myself some "Diva Socks". The thought is, if I have to feel like shit, at least my ankles will be lovely! I'm working on some scarlet socks with eyelash yarn cuffs. I guess the movie I was watching last night was too good. I was knitting along and looked down to find a perfect birthday gift for my most favorite clown!
Since I don't actually have any friends who are clowns, I'll frog about an inch and a half tonight and close the toe.

During a conversation with my friend Carolyn she mentioned that a friend of hers has made a pair of bed socks out of cashmere and silk. I still have some of the Tussah Silk. So I ordered some cashmere from Rose yesterday. I plan to spin it into a yarn with one ply of each. I want to find a toe up sock pattern with a regular hand knit sock heel, not the short row kind. If you know where to find such a pattern please tell me.

It's snowing again!!! Under the street light, it looks like diamonds falling from the sky!

Posted by Angi at January 29, 2004 10:34 PM